Netflix has four types of streaming quality:

  • Auto - On auto, Netflix chooses the highest quality playback depending on your current connection speed at that time and adjusts as the content is played.
  • Low - The low-quality playback option uses the lowest amount of usage, at approximately 0.3GB per device per hour.
  • Medium -The Standard Definition (SD) setting uses roughly 0.7GB per hour, per device.
  • High - This chooses between HD and Ultra HD. HD Uses roughly 3GB per hour, per device and Ultra HD uses approximately 7GB per hour, per device.

Therefore, the higher the quality, the higher the usage. If you have a monthly data cap on your internet service plan, manually select Medium or Low to reduce your data consumed. 

Streaming Quality
Data Usage per hour per device
Medium (SD)
High (HD)
High (UHD) 7GB