There are many sites to choose from that provide a similar service with varying degrees of results. Any of the points below could contribute to the varying results. 


Factors that can affect your broadband speed

  • Connection type. When connected via Wi-Fi, the signal quality may vary during peak times.
  • Close any processes running on that device during the speed test, as any apps running will impact the results.
  • Multiple devices. All users connected to the internet within the house using the bandwidth allocated to your connection. This will impact the results.
  • Wi-Fi card specs. Different devices have varying capabilities and this can result in inconsistent speed test results when tested on different devices.
  • Location. Our broadband speed test requires your location to select a server nearest you to measure the speeds and ping time. When testing on another site with a different server, the results may also differ. 
  • Network congestion during peak times.

For a thorough understanding of your network speed, we recommend performing a broadband speed test a few times throughout the day. This is because you are likely to experience a slower internet connection during peak times.