Video Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step 1.

  • Open Samsung Internet Browser.


Step 2.

  • Once you have opened up  and the start test option is not clickable, then you will need to click on the Menu icon and follow the next steps. 

Step 3.

  • Click on Site Settings.

Step 4.

  • Click on Sites and downloads.


Step 5.

  • Click on Manage website data.

Step 6.

  • Click on Delete.

Step 7.

  • Select the following four items and then hit delete at the bottom of the screen.

Step 8.

  • Click the back arrow until you get all the way back to the wecompare website.

Step 9.

  • Reload the page.

Step 10.

  • Click Allow.

Step 11.

  • Click Allow.

Step 12.

    • The start test option will then turn black and you can click on it to begin a speed test.